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Apparel Technology


"Apparel technology" is a multimedia learning system that provides fundamental underpinning knowledge on the manufacture of apparel. The module combines the content from the Clothing Technology 1.0 and Clothing Technology 2.0 modules and includes over 650 graphics, photos and videos with links to website for further information and exercises to evaluate learning to provide an estimated 22 hours of learning on apparel manufacture. 


The module was developed within the TexTag and eLiTA projects, with funding support from the Leonardo da Vinci programme, by a consortium of European partners and is available in 10 languages.




Who is it for?

  •  Trainees employed in the apparel manufacturing industry or apparel retailing
  •  Students studying textile courses
  •  Non-textile professionals who are now working in the industry
  •  Textile specialists who wish to broaden their knowledge




 The content, which has been mapped to Level 3 UK National Vocational Qualifications covers:


  •  Fashion design and sketching
  •  Pattern design
  •  Pattern grading
  •   Lay planning and marker making
  •  Fabric spreading
  •  Fabric cutting
  •  Interlinings
  •  Sewing and garment assembly
  •   Pressing and garment finishing
  •  Garment specification
  •  Sewing threads
  •  Seam, stitch and thread selection
  •  Technological developments in the sewing room
  •  Production systems
  •  Shirt manufacture
  •   Health and Safety



  • A menu driven, interactive, self-paced learning environment
  • Text, graphics, photos and videos to describe and illustrate the technology used
  • Glossary of textile terms and definitions
  • Tests to evaluate learning
  • Bibliography of references for further reading
  • Available in 10 languages, Czech, English, French, Greek, Latvian, Lithuanian, Portuguese Romanian, Slovenian and Turkish


  • Study online
  • Allows learners to study at a time and place convenient to them
  • Complements skills development
  • Can be incorporated into a “Blended learning” programme  
  •  Can be integrated into company training programmes

 Screenshot from Apparel Technology


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